Our Team

Tyrone Gyotoku

Tyrone “Fish Ninja” has been fishing his entire life since he could walk, fishing private boats to local half day all the way to longer multi-day trips. He was mostly saltwater fishing growing up but did a bit of freshwater as well.  However, his favorite will always be the ocean.  His favorite target species would consist of Yellowtail, Tuna and White Seabass.  “There is nothing like hunting offshore with no land in sight or sitting on the anchor at a local island waiting the Seabass or Yellows to swim through.”  “The ocean is where I find total peace.”

Favorite Products:  Tyrone’s favorite Promar product would be the Promar Ambush Hoop Nets.  The hoop nets have proven themselves season after season.  They are durable, built to last and significantly increased the catch rate of Lobster and Crab for him.

Vessel: 23FT Seaswirl Striper

Shawn Grimm

Shawn has been fishing California since coming to the state at the age of 2.  While family activities prevent him from getting on the water as much as he would like, his fishing nowadays usually involve being on a kayak somewhere offshore. He has been on the Promar & Ahi staff for about 5 years now, and can rarely be found fishing saltwater without his Ahi sabiki stick or Assault and Deception jigs, which have landed his picture in Western Outdoor News on more than one occasion.

Favorite Product:  Ahi Sabiki Stick, Assault Jigs and Live Deception Jigs.  Some of the most fun he has had has been playing with Yellowfin Tuna on a Blue Bass Assault jig.

Vessels: Hobie Pro Angler 14, Trident 15, Scrambler

Ed Zamora

Ed “Matame” Zamora has been hooked on fishing since the age of 7.  Fishing grew to become a passion as his competitive nature pressed him to always try and out-fish his Dad and brother even as a youngster.  Ed’s top 2 favorite target species are Halibut and Dorado.  Ed has won first place and placed 3 other times in the Marina Del Halibut Derby and has won numerous Kayak tournaments up and down the West Coast.  What Ed enjoys the most today is introducing new anglers to the sport of fishing and sharing the excitement that this sport has blessed him with.

Favorite Products:  “I believe and fish with Promar Ambush Hoop Nets and accessories because they outfish and outperform other products I’ve tried before.” “The full line up of lobster hooping products offered by Promar from the hoop net to all the rigging gets the job done every time.”

Vessel: 19FT Wellcraft, Malibu XFactor

Bryce Carnehl

Landlocked in his youth, Bryce very much appreciated the times spent at county parks picking away at stocker trout and catfish; getting an invite from his Uncle to fish a ½-day boat out of Newport was just as great as Christmas morning. Drawn toward the ocean, he moved toward the coast during college and soon found sanctuary in the local Kayak fishing community. Learning quickly from his new found community, Bryce found that fishing wasn’t all about hook and line, and quickly fell in love with hooping. ‘Sharing a bounty of freshly caught lobster and crab with friends and family with all of the labor, stories, and smiles involved, drives me to continue to search for the next motherload hoop.’

Favorite Products:  Bryce’s favorite product is the Promar Ambush Hoop Net. “Ambush Hoop Nets increase my catch rate and are extremely easy to stack and store, while Seal Proof Bait Cages keep your bait secure from sea lions and other bait raiders. Also, never leave shore without an Ahi Sabiki Rod; they’re great for catching bait for both game fish and crustaceans.”

Vessel: Malibu X-Factor